Monday, February 2, 2009

Show a little heart

Will and I are working on a project for Valentine's Day. Along with cards for family, friends, and teachers, we are making some cards to send to other people. Since Will's at a stage where the cards are kind of generic (i.e., he's not writing anything in them, mostly just gluing down hearts that I have cut out for him!), I haven't figured out exactly where they are going yet, but some thoughts are:

1. The army hospital (the school I worked at last year did "Valentine's for Vets" and sent cards to veterans who were long-term residents of the was apparently well received and the social workers told us how happy the guys and gals were to get them)

2. A nursing home

3. Service folks--those fire fighters we love so much, the letter carrier, etc.

4. Suggestions????

Here is Will working on a card at his little desk. He is happily coloring and will add some hearts later. He writes his name, and sometimes some random letters, too. It's truly a child's work, and I know that anyone who receives it will know it came from the heart.

Anyone else doing something special for Valentine's Day to help let someone know they are on your mind??

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