Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby Steps

Will and I started two projects today. One was meant to be "step one" and the other ended up that way because of the rain and the munchies.

We went out to the mall today and picked an angel off the Salvation Army's angel tree. It's a 1 year old boy who wants cars or trucks for Christmas. I looked at that one and had to grab it...I was holding the hand of my own little boy who can't get enough of cars and trucks and is not much older than this little guy. I signed the card and then sat down with Will. I showed him the angel paper. I read it to him, and then asked if it would be good to get some cars and trucks for this little boy because he didn't have any. It only took a split second for the answer, "Of course! He can have lots of trucks and we can play together like this! Vrooooommmm!" His hands started flying in imitation of cars and trucks zooming all over the place.

Yeah, he obviously doesn't get it, but I plan to take him out to do the shopping and then drop it off at the kiosk again. I hope he gets it a little bit more each time we give. (On further thought, maybe he does get it...."Of course! All little boys deserve to have trucks! Why shouldn't this boy have more toys than he knows what to do with? Isn't that the way it is for everyone?" Yeah, honey...that's the way it should be...)

The other project was a total flop-today, at least. We baked cookies. We made about 2 dozen, and the plan was to make a few dozen more, put them in this cute little snowman tin I picked up earlier and bring them over to the fire station. Just a random little thing, but I thought it'd be nice, and Will, being a 3 year old boy, is a BIG FAN of all things fire station related--the trucks, the guys, the boots, the sirens, the hats, the hoses, etc. I thought it might be meaningful to start off this kick with people he really felt a connection with (a boy who likes trucks and the guys who drive the coolest trucks of all!).

But alas, the has rained so hard here for the past three days. It's starting to not be funny. Seriously, not funny anymore! So, we stopped baking because we decided to put off the delivery. Then a friend and her son were here and they had a couple of cookies...then the cookies were just here when Daddy Toole was here, then Will and I each "tested" a cookie or two...well, long story a little shorter...we now have 6 cookies. Good thing I planned to do a couple of these runs over the next few weeks, so we have plenty of ingredients to try again. Today will just be chalked up to practice. We can, indeed, make edible cookies. Cookies that will be gobbled up and appreciated! Now let's try to put those mad skills to good use.

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