Friday, December 12, 2008

The Plan

I have always loved doing volunteer work. I want to share this with my son. I want to engage him from a young age, so that he knows the value and joy of giving his time and energy to worthy causes. I feel like I fell off this wagon about 3 years ago, right around the time he was first I was too tired, then he was too little, too unpredictable, too attention-consuming.

I feel like it's finally the right time. He's brimming with cheer and love and enthusiasm and I know that if I work to guide all that passion and help his little hands to do good works, we could really make a difference.

So here we go!


  1. I like the concept of your blog. A few ideas to share with you and Willy are The Toy Society and SnowmanCam Enjoy your journey together.

  2. Hey, thanks! You are my very first comment. I am writing this mostly for a record for us, although I kind of have this dream of actually getting a conversation going so that I can share with and learn from others.
    Thanks for the links, I'll check them out.